Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Information in accordance to article 13 of the Protection of Personal Information code (d.lgs. 30/06.2003, n. 196 – also known as “code” for the purpose of this policy) and with reference to personal information to those with a vested interest, Radar Consulting Italy S.R.L., in all its capacity provides the following information:

1) The Collection of Personal Information

Personal information is collected solely for the purposes outlined in Point 2 of this policy, and obtained voluntarily by mail, e-mail or during the course of interviews. Information is collected only by those interested in Radar Consulting’s services.

Personal information may be disclosed with third parties. All employees of and third party providers to Radar Consulting Italy S.R.L are required to adhere to the privacy provisions outlined in article 13, section 4 of the code.

The collection of information is used to provide recruitment services to third parties (employers) and specified through the employer’s job advertisements.

2) Purpose

Radar Consulting Italy S.R.L collects and uses personal information solely for the purpose of providing recruitment services to third parties for present or future job openings.

3) The Nature and Process of Personal Information

The collection and use of personal information as regulated in article 4, section 1, letter A and in conformity to article 1, section 11 of the code sets out the principles of conduct, purpose, transparency, and relevancy in respect to the fundamental rights and liberties of individuals as well as their dignity with particular attention to confidentiality. Personal information is stored in the Company’s electronic database that allows us to extract and aggregate information used in the recruitment process.

Only employees working for Radar Consulting or people appointed by the owner will have access to the collection and use of personal information as per section 29 and 30 of the code.

An individual’s personal information can be requested by that individual by contacting the Privacy Policy Officer, located at the head office.

Radar Consulting will take every reasonable measure to secure and protect individual’s personal information against unlawful or unauthorized access, loss and damage, in accordance to Title V “Data Security Measures and Systems”, Section II, “Minimal Security Measures” and the general part in attachment B “Disciplinary Procedures and Security Measures”.

The owner provides either from the Company’s website, from online advertisements or from print job advertisements, specific instructions on what personal information is necessary to collect. In the case of an individual mistakenly providing sensitive personal data, such as data referring to an individual’s race, ethnic origin, religion, philosophy, political position, labour association, sexual orientation or of any health condition, the owner will take every reasonable measure to delete the information from the database. An individual’s personal information can be extracted from different sources, from their curriculum vitae (cv), to their entrance exam, to information collected from interviews and also from data imputed in their candidate profile. In the case that personal sensitive information as stated above is collected from any of these sources, the said information will therefore be removed.

4) The Right to Refuse to Disclose Personal Information

The disclosure of personal information by candidates and in respect to article 2 of the code is optional. Those who refuse to share personal information however prevent the Company in presenting their candidacy to third parties – prospective employers.

5) Disclosure of Personal Information

5.1 In the case of a positive preliminary screening, the candidate’s personal information is then forwarded to our clients for consideration and as part of the recruitment process.

5.2 The client and/or its designate will have access to the candidate’s profile for the sole purpose as outlined in point 2 of this policy.

5.3 The candidate’s personal information shall not be distributed for any other reason.


6) How Long Will Personal Information be Store

We store personal information no longer than deemed necessary. Information processed in the recruitment process includes requirements requested by the client as outlined in their job advertisements. If the client or candidate decides to no longer move forward in the recruitment process, personal data may be stored and used for future recruitment services. Radar Consulting Italy S.R.L will regularly review its policy to ensure that it meets all legislative requirements outlined in article 11, section 1, and letter c of the code. Anyone interested in removing their personal information from our database can do so by written submission to Radar Consulting Italy S.R.L. in accordance with provisions in the following section of the policy.

7) Rights of Users

7.1. Article 7 of the Privacy Code outlines the rights of users. In particular, the right to obtain from the owner – what information may be collected and why, how it will be collected and who may have access to it and how will the information be used. The user also has the right to ask for, correct or delete personal information that has been collected and to change their profile to anonymous or to block their profile if they believe their rights have been violated. Users have the right to deny the collection and use of information by marketing agencies if those marketing agencies do not use the information as outlined in this policy.

7.2. All requests for copies of personal information should be made in writing and directed to the following address:

Radar Consulting Italy S.R.L

Piazza della Reppublica 32

20124 Milan, Italy

Attn: Internal Privacy Officer

We ask that you indicate in the subject heading of the letter, “Request under Section 7 of the Privacy Code” and to attach a copy of the document you are referring to.

8) Who Manages the Personal Information?

The owner in the collection, use and disclosure of personal information as outlined in this policy is as follows:

Radar Consulting Italy S.R.L.

Piazza della Repubblica 32 – 20124 Milan, Italy

P.Iva – 01928350683

Internal Privacy Officer: Ernesto D’Amato – President

Radar Consulting S.R.L.,

Piazza della Repubblica 32 – 20124 Milan, Italy.

We may periodically review and change our privacy policy in order to update our privacy commitments and to meet legislative requirements. For questions or comments regarding this policy, you can contact our head office.

Authorization for the Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

I have read the above privacy policy and subject to article 23 of D.Lgs. section 196/2003, I give my consent to Radar Consulting Italy S.R.L. for the collection, use and disclosure of my personal information in so far it is treated as outlined in this policy. I understand that my personal information may be disclosed to third parties within and outside the EU and give my consent in so far, these third parties adhere to the information outlined in this policy.

I also authorize Radar Consulting Italy S.R.L to send me notifications and information regarding this policy.